91,56% Laughing Buddha
Laughing Buddha
93,94% Mighty Medusa
Mighty Medusa
75,79% Bomb Runner
Bomb Runner
63,3% Golden Unicorn Deluxe
Golden Unicorn Deluxe
69,93% Space Goonz
Space Goonz
55,17% Lucky Durian
Lucky Durian
92,69% Lantern Luck
Lantern Luck
80,62% Disco Beats
Disco Beats
92,49% Fly!
79,11% Nine Tails
Nine Tails
96,46% Prost!
81,08% New Years Bash
New Years Bash
60,64% Calaveras Explosivas
Calaveras Explosivas
60,68% Marvelous Furlongs
Marvelous Furlongs
75,87% Mystic Fortune Deluxe
Mystic Fortune Deluxe
58,96% Orbs of Atlantis
Orbs of Atlantis
69,52% Before Time Runs Out
Before Time Runs Out
87,9% Candy Tower
Candy Tower
80,23% Return To The Feature
Return To The Feature
69,1% Totem Towers
Totem Towers
78,09% Christmas Gift Rush
Christmas Gift Rush
93,46% Taberna De Los Muertos
Taberna De Los Muertos
96,44% Taberna De Los Muertos Ultra
Taberna De Los Muertos Ultra
84,4% Happy Ape
Happy Ape
59,91% Jellyfish Flow
Jellyfish Flow
77,69% Jellyfish Flow Ultra
Jellyfish Flow Ultra
74,76% Loony Blox
Loony Blox
96,2% Knockout Football Rush
Knockout Football Rush
68,09% Techno Tumble
Techno Tumble
93,16% Wealth Inn
Wealth Inn
59,59% Naughty Santa
Naughty Santa
72,36% Fa Cai Shen Deluxe
Fa Cai Shen Deluxe
93,58% Hey Sushi
Hey Sushi
64,48% Hot Hot Halloween
Hot Hot Halloween
68,17% Wizards Want War!
Wizards Want War!
65,26% Lucky Fortune Cat
Lucky Fortune Cat
65,59% Scopa
70,05% Mount Mazuma
Mount Mazuma
68,36% Wild Trucks
Wild Trucks
74,91% Lucky Lucky
Lucky Lucky
86,63% Colossal Gems
Colossal Gems
62,45% Happiest Christmas Tree
Happiest Christmas Tree
97,59% Hot Hot Fruit
Hot Hot Fruit
76,64% 5 Lucky Lions
5 Lucky Lions
58,37% Egyptian Dreams Deluxe
Egyptian Dreams Deluxe
61,99% Jump!
77,52% Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Patch
62,8% Ways Of Fortune
Ways Of Fortune
95,42% Fortune Dogs
Fortune Dogs
80,36% Knockout Football
Knockout Football
61,73% Magic Oak
Magic Oak
93,94% Santa's Village
Santa's Village
75,41% Presto!
67,75% Cake Valley
Cake Valley
75,45% London Hunter
London Hunter
63,51% Four Divine Beasts
Four Divine Beasts
73,72% Rolling Roger
Rolling Roger
97% Nuwa
74,43% Koi Gate
Koi Gate
62,15% 5 Mariachis
5 Mariachis
89,75% Panda Panda
Panda Panda
77,39% Ocean's Call
Ocean's Call
60,76% Scruffy Scallywags
Scruffy Scallywags
92,6% Fenghuang
63,99% Bird of Thunder
Bird of Thunder
59,25% The Dead Escape
The Dead Escape
72,64% Ruffled Up
Ruffled Up
77,86% Fa Cai Shen
Fa Cai Shen
86,33% 12 Zodiacs
12 Zodiacs
73,7% Fire Rooster
Fire Rooster
81,76% Gold Rush
Gold Rush
62,24% Sparta
94,37% Gangsters
68,5% Wicked Witch
Wicked Witch
97,11% Dragon's Throne
Dragon's Throne
81,56% Bombs Away
Bombs Away
97,17% Super Twister
Super Twister
56,66% Roman Empire
Roman Empire
95,51% Coyote Crash
Coyote Crash
79,35% Glam Rock
Glam Rock
78,4% Buggy Bonus
Buggy Bonus
83,28% Jugglenaut
69,13% Galactic Cash
Galactic Cash
59,17% Zeus 2
Zeus 2
57,31% Treasure Diver
Treasure Diver
86,1% Kane's Inferno
Kane's Inferno
84,01% Treasure Tomb
Treasure Tomb
60,26% Arcane Elements
Arcane Elements
61,1% Dragon Castle
Dragon Castle
86,99% King Tut's Tomb
King Tut's Tomb
58,33% Carnival Cash
Carnival Cash
96,48% Monster Mash Cash
Monster Mash Cash
58,11% Shaolin Fortunes 100
Shaolin Fortunes 100
74,39% Shaolin Fortunes
Shaolin Fortunes
65,88% Viking's Plunder
Viking's Plunder
57,43% Double O Dollars
Double O Dollars
70,62% Little Green Money
Little Green Money
71,95% Pool Shark
Pool Shark
70,7% Weird Science
Weird Science
97,15% Blackbeard's Bounty
Blackbeard's Bounty
56,37% Dr Feelgood
Dr Feelgood
86,62% Pamper Me
Pamper Me
58,96% Zeus
85,78% SOS
97,81% Barnstormer Bucks
Barnstormer Bucks
66,29% Super Strike
Super Strike
64,99% Jungle Rumble
Jungle Rumble
79,94% Space Fortune
Space Fortune
83,12% Tower Of Pizza
Tower Of Pizza
74,41% Mummy Money
Mummy Money
82,29% Bikini Island
Bikini Island
83,47% Egyptian Dreams
Egyptian Dreams
68,1% Mr Bling
Mr Bling
75,16% Mystic Fortune
Mystic Fortune
87,46% Arctic Wonders
Arctic Wonders
69,16% Queen of Queens II
Queen of Queens II
71,73% Dragon's Realm
Dragon's Realm
63,86% All For One
All For One
79,78% Flying High
Flying High
85,2% Pucker Up Prince
Pucker Up Prince
70,01% Sir Blingalot
Sir Blingalot
68,94% Cash Reef
Cash Reef
81,97% Queen of Queens
Queen of Queens
68,34% The Grape Escape
The Grape Escape
60,73% Golden Unicorn
Golden Unicorn
69,13% Pirate's Plunder
Pirate's Plunder
65,62% Aztlan's Gold
Aztlan's Gold
79,61% Shogun's Land
Shogun's Land
82,78% Ride Em Cowboy
Ride 'em Cowboy
93,19% Frontier Fortunes
Frontier Fortunes
67,31% Indian Cash Catcher
Indian Cash Catcher
74,11% Rodeo Drive
Rodeo Drive
96,94% Sky's the Limit
Sky's the Limit
56,98% The Big Deal
The Big Deal
69,14% Cashosaurus
57,97% Disco Funk
Disco Funk
62,19% Haunted House
Haunted House
68,59% Taiko Beats
Taiko Beats
64,94% Tuk Tuk Thailand
Tuk Tuk Thailand
97,92% Soju Bomb
Soju Bomb
63,3% Dragon Tiger Gate
Dragon Tiger Gate
88,12% Rainbowmania
87,21% Legendary Beasts
Legendary Beasts
63,86% Crystopia
83,7% The Big Deal Deluxe
The Big Deal Deluxe
64,46% Siren's Spell
Siren's Spell
75,59% Tooty Fruity Fruits
Tooty Fruity Fruits
91,91% Legend Of Nezha
Legend Of Nezha
55,75% Naughty Wukong
Naughty Wukong
91,37% Witches Tome
Witches Tome
69,6% Atomic Kittens
Atomic Kittens
58,43% Bikini Island Deluxe
Bikini Island Deluxe
76,32% Meow Janken
Meow Janken
92,89% Slime Party
Slime Party
82,99% Fruity Halloween
Fruity Halloween
74,31% Zeus Deluxe
Zeus Deluxe
84,16% Santa's Inn
Santa's Inn
86,35% Fruity Mayan
Fruity Mayan
61,95% Valentine Monchy
Valentine Monchy
63,27% Hot Hot Summer
Hot Hot Summer
80,17% Vampire's Fate
Vampire's Fate
82,53% Arctic Hunt
Arctic Hunt